Not long ago, my husband and I received a ‘gift’ from a couple that we knew. This gift came in the form of a painting depicting four graceful African American ballet dancers in costume. After leaving our friends’ home, I expressed to my husband that I didn’t particularly care for the picture. On the other hand, my husband liked the painting so I agreed to keep it. After we arrived home, I decided to hang the painting in a small room outside of our bedroom. A day or so later, my husband and I decided to organize our master bedroom closet. So he placed a large, black trash bag at the foot of our bed and we began to dispose of things that we no longer wanted. Feeling tired, I decided to go to bed early. My husband stayed up a little longer and continued to work on our closet.

Later that evening, my husband noticed the painting on the wall in the room outside of our bedroom. When he looked a little closer, he saw something in the painting that neither of us had noticed before. What he saw disturbed him. On the hand of one of the ballet dancers, he noticed what appeared to be a demonic hand signal – one of many satanic symbols we had only just recently learned about. He decided to dispose of it so he immediately took the painting off the wall and placed it in the large, black trash bag that sat at the foot of our bed.

At some point in the middle of the night, I felt as if I was in a strange, dream-like state and was awakened by what I can only describe as a foggy, dark heaviness in the room. The feeling I had was very different from the many dreams and visions I have had from the Lord. So at first, I thought I was having a nightmare which I rarely have. My head was on my pillow laying on the right side. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to look forward and there, at the foot of our bed, was a gloomy, almost transparent vision of what appeared to be four African American figures. The one at the far right, directly in front of me, smiled and appeared to look like a dear cousin of mine who had died several years before.

I struggled for a moment trying to arouse myself from what I initially thought was a nightmare. After a minute or two, clarity returned to the room and the darkness I could feel left me. The four figures I saw also disappeared. Not sure of what I had just seen, I woke my husband and explained everything to him. He was stunned. After a moment or so, he began to tell me about what he had seen the evening before on the hand of one of the ballet dancers in the painting, and how he had thrown the painting into the large black trash bag that sat at the foot of our bed that sat in the exact location where I saw the four African American figures only moments before. It was then apparent to both of us that the four figures I had seen at the foot of our bed were not people. They were evil spirits disguised as people.

Immediately, my husband got out of bed, took the painting out of the large, black trash bag and went outside into our backyard. There he broke the painting into pieces and burned all of it. Afterwards, together we prayed and asked God for forgiveness for bringing the acursed thing into our home. Then we anointed every room and prayed to bind the enemy, in Jesus’ name, from entering our home again. We never saw the evil spirits again.

In all of this, I give God the glory. For prior to this incident, the Lord had prepared us. He has been revealing to us and teaching us many things concerning spiritual warfare that includes demon possession, cursed objects as well as other forms of spiritual warfare such as demonically cursed forms of entertainment and media of all kinds including demonically-inspired music, television shows, children’s animation and Hollywood movies.

Child of God, demons and evil spirits are real and it is crucial that you not only keep yourself pure and Holy but also keep your home pure and Holy as well. Be careful what you allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear. And be very careful what you bring into your home, i.e. music, movies, art, etc. Demons attach themselves to whatever and whoever has been demonically cursed. When you expose yourself to these things, you have given the enemy the right to access your life and the lives of your family. Once entry has been gained, the enemy can – and will – use anything and anyone to try and kill, steal and destroy you and yours.

Child of God, if you have not already done so, it is time to clean house!

This message is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.