In the month of November in 2016, my husband and I attended a church service near our home. As we stood in the sanctuary for praise and worship, I couldn’t help but notice a teenage boy, around the age of 15 or 16, and his mother standing in the row in front of us. The reason I was drawn to the boy is because he was coughing incessantly. So much so that it was almost disruptive. Occasionally, the boy’s mother would look over at him wondering, I’m sure, what was wrong with her son but said nothing.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak to me. “Lay your hand on the boy,” He said. I hesitated for a moment for I questioned whether I had heard right. Also, I didn’t want my actions to bring unwanted, negative attention to myself. You see, I had never seen this boy or his mother before. And yet, not wanting to be disobedient to God, I immediately responded. “Lord, I don’t know these people and if I were the mother of this boy, I would be upset if a stranger put their hand on my son.” I waited for an answer, but the Lord did not respond. Again, not wanting to be disobedient, I quickly thought of a way to place my hand on the boy without it appearing so inappropriate. So, I decided to take a tissue out of my purse and hand it to the boy to cover his mouth for he was still coughing excessively. This way, I could touch him without it being so obvious. While I was reaching into my purse to get the tissue, I spoke again to the Lord. “Lord, if this is really you asking me to do this, can you please help me out or give me a sign or something?” Right about this time, the praise and worship music stopped and the worship leader asked everyone in the congregation to turn to their neighbor and greet them. Immediately, even almost mechanically, the boy who was standing directly in front of me, and still coughing, turned around and extended his right hand to me. I thanked God and extended my right hand to him as well while at the same time handing him the tissue. The mother, after seeing me hand her son a tissue, told him to go to the restroom. The boy left the sanctuary and a little while later he returned. I watched him throughout the remainder of the service and he never coughed again. After the boy sat down, I heard the Lord say, “Pray for the children.”

The Lord is calling to Himself a remnant of children who will rise up against the evil in this world in the last days. His mark is on them. These children will faithfully follow and defend God’s word. These children will boldly speak out against its apostasy. These children will need our continuous prayers for a mighty demonic attack has also risen up against them.

The enemy knows that his time is short therefore he is leaving no stone unturned in his attempts to destroy this remnant of God’s. The enemy’s attacks are relentless and evidence of it can be seen everywhere. Beginning with his evil plans to try and destroy God’s children even before their conception. We can see this in the ever-increasing forms of birth control that are in the market today. The widespread acceptance of abortion is another form of his attacks. He has also corrupted every form of entertainment that attracts children for his intent is to turn the children away from God while poisoning their minds. The enemy is no respecter of age. His attacks are planned for babies on up. The entertainment includes mediums such as books, games, music, television, movies, advertisement and even our children’s education.

Child of God, be on guard. Stay involved with your children. Teach them the difference between right and wrong according to God’s word. Demonstrate for them how to stand strong and resolute in this evil world we live in. Parents, train your child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. This is a promise from God.

This message is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.